Holistic bodywork & Equine Touch

Equine facilitated learning

WHAT IS EQUINE TOUCH? A 'Gift' To Your Horse
The Equine Touch is gentle, non-diagnostic, body-based modality, non-invasively addressing the connective tissue such as fascia, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

The Equine Touch is a technique that invites changes rather than forcing them to happen

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Holistic bodywork & Equine Touch: How it can help you and your horse

Many horses suffer at some time in their lives. They often hide their problems from us. It is important that we all learn how to recognize the pains and discomforts that plague them.

Using a variety of bodywork modalities and tuning into the horses body my aim is to help the hose reestablish connection with ' shut down areas' of the body, ( which can be a result of physical or emotional trauma and compensation ) releasing stress, finding balance and flow of energy, which results in freedom of movement 

''I highly recommend Ina. the Horses in my yard having had Holistic Bodywork sessions have all benefited greatly from the Equine Touch sessions, becoming more trusting with great improvement in their general demeanor, body awareness and relaxation, and general way of going.
Mary Davies, BHS Intermediate Teacher

Holistic bodywork & Equine Touch based in Wales

''Regular monthly sessions keep Puddles flexible and relaxed
the bond between my horse Puddles and I is now amazing thanks to Ina
I highly recommend Ina and wish that every horse owner would have the pleasure to work with her''
Bethan Salmon BAHons PGCE

Equine Assisted Learning

Learn about yourself through the horses' response to you relate to horses in led activities in the round pen focusing on clear communication and leadership skills (no riding involved)