Equine Assisted Learning in Wales

Equine assisted Learning also know as Equine Facilitated Learning 
Sessions for individuals and groups may help:

  • itlearningBuild Self-esteem
  • Increase Confidence and self awareness
  • Develop assertiveness and leadership skills
  • Find expression for your creativity
  • Learn about yourself through the horses' response to your energy and body language

EAL Sessions are held in a non judgemental learning environment through activities in nature, field and stable environment, with and around horses which encourage creativity,focus,help to develop self esteem, confidence and leadership skills. Horses accept people as they are and respond to authentic communication. They are great teachers in this way as they reflect back our state of mind . A non judgemental environment allows Learners to have the experiences and learning they choose for themselves.
Sessions may include observation of herd behaviour , interaction with horses in the round pen, led activities with horses focusing on various issues such as clear communication and leadership skills.

Taster sessions are offered to make an initial assessment of individual needs.

Individual and group sessions can be offered as a one off or a course of several consecutive sessions.

''I highly recommend Ina for her excellent bodywork techniques and her lovely approach to Equines , children and adults ''
Sheena Donant BHSIT