Holistic Bodywork Workshops for Horse and Owners

All workshops can be arranged regularly for small groups of people by request


We will look at ways of recognising tension in your horse and listening to the horse’s ways of showing you where they hold tension or pain.

I will demonstrate and teach simple relaxing bodywork / massage techniques that are easy to perform and which you can use in everyday life . This can help your horse to let go of built-up muscle tension and develop a positive enjoyable connection with its body.

Working in this way can greatly improve the horse’s overall performance and enhance your relationship with your horse.... And...... horses really enjoy it!!!

For further Information and Bookings please contact me on 07807 636525 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upcoming workshops 2019

For further Information and Bookings please contact Moor Farm 01427 – 890 762 or Ina Thomson 0780763652

Previous workshops
Children’s EAL Session - creative activities with horses.
Learn how horses behave and communicate. .
Adult’s Workshop - Relaxation & Holistic Bodywork with Horses
Learn ways of relaxing with horses. Discover how to feel tension in the horse’s
body and learn useful massage techniques to use on your own horse. .

Previous workshops
Children’s Workshop - creative activities with horses.
Learn about horse behaviour, expression and practice communication skills. .
Adult’s EAL Workshop - interactions with horses. Focusing on horse
awareness, self awareness and communicating with horses using your energy. .