Holistic Bodywork Services

Holistic Bodywork may address many physical mental and emotional issues in your horse or dog.


  • Increased mobility and improved freedom of movement
  • Release of stress and tension held in the body as result of past trauma
  • Address behavioral problems through releasing tension
  • Develop a better understanding and deeper bond with your horse/dog.

Prevention rather than cure:
Why have regular Holistic Bodywork session for your horse ?

A healthy working Muscular system , unrestricted Fascia is essential for Freedom of Movement. As Horses compensate easily and can't tell us when they are uncomfortable , Bodywork, sensing the body is an important tool of communication between horse and owner/ rider. Blockages can be detected by feeling the quality of the tissue, and observing the reactions of the horse, and through bodywork blockages can be freed, the muscular system restored to its optimum function .

It's all about connecting!!
Accidents, Trauma, Memories of trauma can cause Disconnection blockages and restrictions in the Fascia and affect the horses' well being and freedom of movement.
In my Holistic Bodywork and Equine Touch sessions I listen to the horses' body while working, creating a safe space for the horse to release old memories and trauma, which are stored in the cell memory of the body. Again this will increase the energy flow in the body and help an overall feeling of well being and freedom of movement.

I encourage horse owners/ riders to be present and engage in the sessions to gain a deeper understanding of the horses particular stress patterns and you can learn how to help the horse to release those.

I offer regular workshops for horse owners to learn how to use Bodywork and Massage in every life to support their horse .
This will enhance your relationship with the horse and make riding a more integrated experience of communication and partnership.

A typical Equine Touch session: photos taken before and after FIRST session :
ribs showing doesn't always mean underweight - it can be contracted connective tissue as in this ex race horse
example1 1st photo before the session:

Contracted tissue
Hollow back
Imbalance in use of muscles

ex22nd photo

The release



ex33rd photo

After the session, as the contracted fascia released, the horse ' expands', no ribs are showing, Lymph flow is activated, now the horse will be able to build healthy muscle


Equine Touch

Equine Touch is a gentle, effective bodywork technique which addresses the soft connective tissue and fascia.
It may help to release tension and trauma held in the body memory and stimulate the horses body's ability to release negative muscle memory and re-balance itself.

This may:

  • Induce deep relaxation
  • Release hypertonic and traumatised muscles
  • Encourage muscle tone recovery from injury and atrophy
  • Reduce the pain spiral
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Help with behaviour and emotional issues caused by trauma and stress

happyhorseSessions for Horse and Rider
These sessions focus on horse and rider/ owner, looking at how possible tension in the rider may affect the horse and vice versa. We will work on finding ways to relax together this may include Equine Touch for the horse and relaxation techniques and/or massage / gentle release work for the rider.

Canine Massage
Canine Massage can help with many issues, such as lack of mobility, imbalanced use of muscles, secondary muscle tension due to arthritis/joint issues, stress causing tension in the dogs body.

Ina Thomson has a special interest in working with animals suffering from physical and emotional issues relating to trauma.

She uses a variety of approaches of Holistic Bodywork, looking at each animals individual needs drawing, from over a combined 20 years experience as a body worker for humans and animals.